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Improving your Fitness and Health begins and ends with a consistent and persistent Exercise Program. A person dedicated to moving their body, supports and promotes a healthy heart, a powerful mind, and a strong body.

Remember that at My Exercise Plan you will keep your fat cells at bay!!

We know from personal experience the challenges that exist in staying with any Exercise Plan,and long term success begins with keeping a fresh approach to your Exercise Plan and Fitness Workouts. What that means, is finding new and innovative Exercise Plan strategies that keep you motivated and challenged during your Fitness Workout and Cardio Sessions.

We will focus on sharing information that provides support and motivation in sticking with an Exercise Plan to keep you coming back for more.

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My Exercise Plan

You will be trained by your very own Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to YOU.Delivering customized health and fitness programs, FREE Fitness tips and advice, Workout Routines, and learn how to get in the best shape of your life....

A Good Start with My Exercise Plan

Starting your My Exercise Plan can be a daunting task. But remember, you're making a GREAT decision that can improve every aspect of your life. You should also remember that lots of people have successfully and dramatically lost fat, gained lean muscle, and improved their overall you certainly can too. The following tips will help you get off to a good Exercise Plan start as well as keep you from making some common beginner's mistakes.
Note: A complete physical from a doctor is recommended before beginning any sort of physical activity or Workout Routines, or before making any drastic changes in your diet.

1. Start slowly
Don't make the mistake millions of new exercisers make: doing too much too soon. Too much of anything will make you sick of it fast. Eventually you'll learn to love exercising and eating healthy foods but, when you're first starting out, you need to "ease" into it. Don't try to become a fitness model in one week!

2. Get your mind right
At least twice a day, take 5 minutes to visualize what you want to accomplish. See yourself with the body you want, doing the fun things you want to do, enjoying the company of the people you want to be with. Visualization is an incredibly effective, proven technique for programming your brain to do what it needs to do to be successful.

3. Know what's ahead
Realize that there are several key steps to beginning a new fitness program. These are the mental stages most people progress through before being successful. They include: not wanting to exercise --> thinking about it --> getting ready for it --> starting it --> enjoying it and doing it almost daily. Prepare yourself for each stage and you'll be better able to deal with any problems or doubts that arise.

4. Keep it simple
It's very difficult to go from being undisciplined in terms of diet and exercise to following a highly detailed eating and Exercise Plan(like the kind you find in most fitness magazines). Not that these Exercise Plans won't work. It's just that, by keeping it simple when you start out, you'll be less likely to feel overwhelmed and quit after a couple of weeks.

5. Get moving
Start off with walking, slow jogging or cycling and some light weight workouts. If you belong to a gym you might want to try a beginner's exercise class. Just choose something you enjoy and don't do more than 20 or 30 minutes of exercise 3 or 4 times per week. After 2 or 3 weeks you can begin to gradually increase the intensity, duration, and frequency of your workouts but don't "jump ahead" too much or you'll regret it!

6. Balanced Diet Plan
In reality, diet is about 70% - 80% of the equation when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle, or just getting all-around fitter and healthier. Don't sabotage your efforts by exercising and then putting a bunch of junk in your body. Clean up your diet by cutting out as much junk food, fried food, sugar, white flour, and artificial ingredients as possible. Eat plenty of healthy whole foods - lean proteins, whole grains, legumes, and "good" fats. Also get in the habit of drinking about a gallon of pure water everyday. This step alone will make all the difference in the world in terms of how you feel and how successful you are with your new fitness program.

7. Get help
A Personal Trainer can make a HUGE difference in terms of showing you what to do and getting you on the right path. They're also great motivators. Going online for finding your fitness coach is an outstanding way to put together a low cost, innovative program, that you can do either in the privacy of your own home or at your local gym. If you really want to "do it right" get yourself a Certified Personal Trainer and get going!

Well that's it. The basic steps to starting a new fitness and exercise plan. Remember -- start slowly, visualize success, keep it simple, and learn to enjoy moving and using your body. Most people can see significant, visible results within just a few weeks of starting a My Exercise Plan. Stick with it until then and you'll (hopefully) get into the positive-reinforcement cycle where you see results, get more motivated to keep going, see even better results, get even more motivated, and so on. Good luck!

Effective Weight Training Techniques

Despite what is commonly observed in most health clubs, proper strength training is more than just hoisting heavy weights and loud grunting.
Efficient Strength Training is not just about a certain number of sets and reps, or an Exercise Plan taken from a fitness magazine. In order for your strength training to be most effective, keep in mind:
1. Warm up before you pump up.
Never Exercise a cold muscle. Walk/jog in place, jump rope, swing the arms back and forth, or walk up and down a flight of stairs for about a minute or two. This will safely prepare the muscles for the workload that is to follow.
2. The last rep of any set should be very difficult.
Remember that the point of resistance training is to OVERLOAD the muscles. Muscles will only get stronger if they need to due to progressive training. Therefore…
3. Use the heaviest weight possible.
The little 2-3 lb. pink plastic weights in those Jane Fonda videos should be tossed in the trash…along with those 1980’s leg warmer/headband sets. Invest in a set of solid, well-constructed dumbbells in a variety of sizes that you consider light, medium and heavy. Grab the heaviest weights you can manage during your exercise plan, but ALWAYS…
4. Perform exercises with proper posture and good form.
Never try to throw a weight into position. Stand with your feet apart, a slight bend in the knees, keep your back straight and chest high. If you are lying on a bench or machine, always keep your back straight and lower back supported and feet flat on the floor. Utilize core strength during all exercise; it is the base of all your strength training work.
5. Good form is important throughout the entire workout, not just during the exercise.
Dropping a weight on your foot is not only embarrassing in a crowded health club, it will definitely put you out of commission for a while. Use your legs when lifting a weight off the ground or loading up a barbell for a set. Maintain support in your abdominals and lower back. The same goes for picking up a back of groceries, a stuffed suitcase or a toddler.
6. Remember to BREATHE.
Holding your breath while performing an exercise can cause a marked spike in blood pressure. Exhale on the contraction, inhale on the release. Keep breathing throughout the exercise.
7. Contract the muscle.
At the top of each movement, contract the muscles that you are using. For example, when you perform a biceps curl, contract your biceps as hard as you can at the top of the movement, when your elbow is flexed, before lowering the weight. The contraction is the first step in the stimulation of growth.
8. Focus on the muscle, not the movement.
Instead of thinking about trying to lift the weight, focus on what the muscle feels like as the weight is being lifted. This will help you to perform the exercises much more efficiently.
9. Negatives are a good thing.
When a muscle shortens during an exercise, it is called the concentric, or positive phase of contraction; When it lengthens, it is called the eccentric or negative phase. Research shows that the muscle can be up to 40% stronger in this negative phase. Capitalize on this fact for a more effective workout. For example, raise the lower arm in a biceps curl on a count of 1-2-3. Then, lower the weight in a slower movement, 1-2-3-4-5.
10. Use variety.
The body is very adaptive. Performing the same exercise routine over and over is not only boring, but your body will get used to the routine and quit responding. Change your exercises, the order in which you do them, the number or sets and reps, or change the weights. In one Exercise workout you may use weights, another you may use resistance bands, in another, machines. Make every Exercise Plan different in some way.
11. Feed Your Muscles.
After a Workout Routines, be sure to feed your muscles so they can grow. Wait no more than one hour before eating a balanced meal containing not only protein (i.e., eggs, chicken, and fish) but complex carbohydrates (i.e., whole grains, green vegetables). For convenience you may opt to have a protein shake as an after workout meal.
It’s important to think quality rather than quantity during Weight Training.Like everything else, how we do something is just as important as what we do. Focus on effective weight training principles throughout your workout and your strength training will give you the results you want.
Jon Gestl, CSCS is personal fitness trainer and instructor in Chicago specializing in on-site personal fitness coaching. He is a former U.S. National Aerobic Champion Silver and Bronze medalist.

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